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Brauti Thorning LLP offers one of the most intense, wide-ranging summer student experiences available. Our goal is to equip students with the knowledge of the inner workings of the civil and criminal justice system while at the same time molding them to become successful advocates.

We provide our summer students with as thorough an exposure to the practice of law as the summer months allow. Your work will be similar to that of an articling student.

Students will find themselves in court on an almost daily basis working with and for our lawyers through the various stages of a defence against criminal charges. They will also find themselves attending civil motions, discoveries, and trials with our lawyers.

Please note that BT Legal strictly adheres to all hiring policies and deadlines set out by the Law Society.  Only complete applications submitted through viLawPortal will be considered.

During your time as a summer student, you can expect to:

  • attend client meetings, conduct extensive research on current and developing areas of law, draft legal memoranda, applications and facta
  • attend court on a daily basis appearing on all administrative dates at the various courthouses, enabling you to familiarize yourself with the criminal court process
  • review disclosure and prepare trial material for criminal offences such as sexual assault, robbery, and other indictable offences
  • prepare and file Charter motions, bail review applications, defence motions and other judicial applications
  • prepare civil motion materials and draft pleadings
  • observe and obtain guidance in trial strategy through mentoring and attending court appearances with senior counsel.
  • The student experience at Brauti Thorning LLP is like no other and will assist you in the completion of your law degree in preparation for your articling term.
As students are often required to travel to various courthouses in and around the Greater Toronto Area, successful applicants will be required to have a car or access to a car during their employment term.