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Legal Information Only - No Legal Advice

Brauti Thorning LLP ("BT Legal") supplies only general legal information on this website. Nothing on this website should be relied upon as legal advice. Legal advice should only be obtained by consulting with a licenced member of your province's Law Society. Every situation is unique and only a qualified legal professional can provide advice which is tailored to your specific situation.

No Solicitor-Client Relationship

Your use of this website does not establish a solicitor-client relationship between you and BT Legal (or any of its lawyers).

Retaining one of our Lawyers

If you would like to retain BT Legal for legal advice, please visit the contact page to call our office or contact one of our lawyers directly. We would be happy to meet with you for a consultation so that you can decide whether BT Legal is right for your legal needs.

Do Not Send Confidential Information

Until we have met with you and have agreed to act as your lawyers, please do not provide us with any unsolicited confidential information. Unsolicited information will not be treated as confidential and because we are not retained by you, it will not be protected by any lawyer-client privilege.

We recommend that every effort be made to avoid sending confidential information via email, which is an inherently unsecure form of communication