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Within the legal community, our lawyers are regularly asked to comment on the law or on their own involvement in high profile cases. Many of our lawyers are also frequently asked to teach litigation skills both at Universities and at ongoing legal education programs for lawyers.
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Chris Selley: Both accused acquitted as nearly pointless Sudbury byelection charges dismissed. Read more.

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Defence moves to toss Sudbury bribery case. Read more.

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Advocates Society: Leslie Dizgun Co-chair, Advanced Mediation Advocacy Workshop

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Ontario must make bail reform meaningful. Read more.

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Advanced Mediation Advocacy Workshop The Advocates Society is a national association committed to promoting the development of legal advocacy for the last 50 years. Mr. Dizgun has been an active member of its teaching faculty for over 10 years.  97% of legal disputes do not go to trial. Most settle in mediation. Mr. Dizgun, an early adopter of mediation, has been co-chair of its Mediation Advocacy program for more than 5 years. In November 2017, Mr. Dizgun co-chaired an Advanced Mediation Advocacy Workshop on Barriers to Conflict Resolution, an extension of The Advocates Society very popular Mediation Advocacy Workshop. Brauti Thorning LLP recognizes mediation advocacy skills  are now as important as trial practice skills in order to provide the best service to its clients.

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Judge dismisses charges in Sudbury byelection trial. Read more.

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Judge dismisses charges in Sudbury byelection trial. Read more. 

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Leslie Dizgun authored an article, “Med/Arb.: Crossing The Line”, in, The Practitioner’s Guide To Commercial Arbitration, ed. Marvin Huberman, Irwin Law, 2017.

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