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Labour and Employment Law

At Brauti Thorning (BT Legal), our business begins with understanding yours. We pride ourselves on tailoring solutions that uniquely fit our clients’ needs. This approach is shaped by our lawyers’ hands-on industry experience and our decades of employment and labour law representation for management, employees and associations.



The BT Legal Labour and Employment Group is unparalleled. Our individual backgrounds in human resources, industry, transportation, construction, communications, mediation and consulting, uniquely shape our approach to delivering legal services. We focus upon cost-effective practical solutions that distinguish us as a value-added resource. Our legal professionals provide the skill and responsiveness of a small specialized practice within a dynamic, full service litigation and corporate law boutique. We emphasize the same innovation, collaboration and attention to detail that has built BT Legal’s reputation for excellence across the country.

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We advise and represent provincially and federally regulated Employers in all types of employment and labour law proceedings, including wrongful dismissal, representation before administrative tribunals, collective agreement negotiations, arbitrations, actions and injunctions for breach of non-solicitation and non-competition obligations, human rights matters, and workplace torts such as claims of harassment, infliction of mental suffering, and intimidation.

Our Group also assists with day-to-day labour and employment law matters, such as drafting and reviewing employment contracts, independent contractor agreements, discipline, termination letters, accommodated work, and all workplace policies.

We represent private, public and institutional clients in a wide variety of labour and employment matters across Canada. Our clients include international transportation interests, construction companies, manufacturers, health care providers, universities and major breweries. We also conduct mediations pursuant to the mandatory mediation Rules of the Ontario Superior Court, and are frequently consulted by other labour and employment lawyers in complex cases.

Doing Business In Canada?

BT Legal’s Labour and Employment Law Group provides international clients with insight and clarity into Canada’s legal landscape, with the view of protecting client rights when hiring employees and establishing company policies, as well as ensuring compliance with Federal and Provincial legislation.

For international clients looking to purchase a Canadian business, our Group will help you navigate the intricacies of the Canadian legal system and avoid the pitfalls that may come with purchasing a business that has existing employees.

Our international clients benefit from our wide-ranging industry knowledge, as well as our “team approach” which allows us to work in unison with our corporate, commercial and immigration departments.

BT Legal is the Canadian arm of Cicero, an international association of high quality law firms located in 41 Countries worldwide, with exclusive membership limited to just one firm per country (with the exception of the United States, where three member firms may be admitted). Cicero is also affiliated with CH International, a network of worldwide accountants.

As an active member of Cicero, we are part of an integrated team of professionals, providing seamless legal advice and representation across the globe.


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Employment is a fundamental aspect of all our lives. Given the rapid changes around us, no one is insulated from employment issues, or from termination by an employer. In addition, the workplace has become a contested environment, subject to intense scrutiny of conduct in relation to claims of harassment or discrimination, or breaches of privacy in the workplace.

Our Labour and Employment Group has experience litigating all facets of workplace conflicts including wrongful dismissal, actions and injunctions for breach of non-solicitation and non-competition obligations, complaints under the Human Rights Code, and workplace torts such as claims of harassment, infliction of mental suffering, and intimidation. We advise employees on their rights at termination, including rights to bonus, incentives, stock options, and pension rights. We also strongly encourage employees to have their offers of employment reviewed prior to accepting employment to protect their rights in the event of termination.

Our Labour and Employment Group acts for a broad range of employees, from every day workers to senior executives. We are also prepared to consider contingency fee and alternative fee agreements in accordance with Law Society and statutory requirements.


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Experience the BT Legal difference. Our expertise in dispute resolution and collective agreement negotiation makes BT Legal’s Labour and Employment Group unprecedented.

We represent trade unions and professional associations across the public sector. Our clients are prominently featured in the News, usually on a daily basis. With the support of the BT Legal Labour and Employment Team, our clients are at the forefront of political and economic change, as well as policy direction at all levels of government.

We assist our clients in all facets of labour relations, from negotiations and arbitrations, to general labour advice and representation.


Whether you are buying the shares of the business or only its assets, poor due diligence will come back to haunt you. Did you know, if you are buying the assets of a bankrupt unionized business, in a majority of cases, past union rights (successor rights) remain intact, and you can unexpectedly find your new business UNIONIZED? This is only one of many examples where purchasers and sellers can find themselves left with significant liabilities under the law. YOU need to know your rights and obligations before you sign on the dotted line. Avoid the pitfalls by contacting the Labour and Employment Law Group at BT Legal.

Ask us for our Human Resources Due Diligence Worksheet.

Our clients are not only the sellers and purchasers of businesses; we also counsel their advisors, whether they be accountants or lawyers (who do not specialize in labour and employment law), and we are often called upon to advise Receivers in Bankruptcy. You do not need to change your trusted advisor; but having BT Legal on your side, ensures that you also get the specialized labour and employment law advice YOU NEED.