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Start-up and Technology

A Tech-Literate, Start-Up Friendly Team

The BT Legal start-up tech team appreciates that entrepreneurial businesses do not want legal and regulatory issues to distract from creating their next big idea. We offer full-service, ongoing support to start-ups in the creation, financing, governance, security, and commercialization of tech. What sets apart BT Legal is our ability to combine business and legal expertise to deal with business issues as start-ups grow and evolve, including: dealing with lenders and financing, investors, board governance, cash flow and liquidity, and managing expansion. Our lawyers keep pace with the changing needs of the tech sector and know how to talk to you about your ideas – we understand how things work, from software development, to fintech, to cybersecurity. Our clients receive personalized service and are there to support the growth of young ventures into mature and stable businesses.

Experienced, Adaptable Counsel

For established enterprises, BT Legal offers experienced counsel to manage technology-based risks and help you respond to corporate or financial issues. Our lawyers have industry-leading experience with complex acquisitions and restructurings; we offer novel and creative management strategies to help you modernize your