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Philip is a partner with Brauti Thorning LLP. Philip served as Detective Chief Superintendent in the Police Service of Northern Ireland, a service of over 13,500 police officers, for 29 years prior to his call to the Ontario bar. In 2006, he was honoured with one of the most prestigious medals in policing, the Queens Police Medal (QPM) presented by Her Majesty the Queen.

Philip’s law practice focuses on Policing, Disclosure, Privilege, Regulatory Law, Human Rights, Professional Discipline, Occupational Health and Safety, Civil Litigation, Administrative Law, Criminal Law and Workplace Investigations.

Philip is an internationally trained detective whose experience includes investigations into internal organisational issues and complaints, and to provincial, national and international inquiries into organised crime, kidnappings and terrorism.

Philip attained a first-class Honours Degree in Law, a Master’s Degree in International Human Rights from the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland,  a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice Management from Queen’s University, Northern Ireland, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Terrorism Studies from St. Andrews University, Scotland and a Ph.D. (Law) from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario attained in in 2012. 

Philip has appeared before various courts and tribunals in Ontario including the Ontario Court of Justice, Superior Court, Divisional Court and the Ontario Court of Appeal.  Philip has also represented the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police at the Supreme Court of Canada in R. v. Quesnelle 2014 SCC 46


Symbiosis or Vassalage? National Security Investigations and the Impediments to Success in Terrorism, Law and Democracy: 10 years after 9/11.


Barros: Legal Limits on Active Defence Investigations into the Identity of an Informant and the Need to Confront Ethical Issues. 88 C.R. (6th) 1-222.


The Clash of Two Imperatives: The Right to Know and the Need to Keep Secret in the Context of the Criminal Process and National Security Measures. (PhD Thesis 2012).

Philip has lectured locally and internationally on such topics as National Security, Evidence and Privilege, Terrorism including model Commonwealth Terrorism legislation lectures in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean to police officers, lawyers, and Federal Court judges. Philip currently provides training to police officers from across Canada on leadership, ethics, discipline issues and work performance monitoring.